Garmont Tactical

Warranty Policy and Procedures


The purpose of these guidelines are to help streamline and ease the process of warranty claims.

  1. Garmont Tactical reserves the right to approve or deny any warranty claim, based on the following policies and procedures.
  2. Under no circumstances will the warranty be extended. It will only be altered or varied with exception, by written instruction from an authorized representative of Garmont Tactical.
  3. Warranty Registration Card As of December 2014, all boots were/are sent out with a warranty registration card. This card lists the instructions for potential warranty claims for the customer.
    1. Please mention this card at time of customers purchase to help ensure as many come back as possible. This will ease and help speed up the process of warranty claims being approved/denied.
    2. It is Garmont Tactical’s recommendation that all boots be treated with a leather wax conditioner to maximize performance and durability of the leather, while providing preventative maintenance.
  4. Requirements For Warranties
    1. A copy of the customers dated receipt is required, along with photo of damage, for all warranty claims, and is only valid for the original purchasing customer. The warranty is non-transferable.
    2. Close-out items are sold as-is and will not have a warranty period.
    3. Must be within one-year from end-user purchase date.
    4. The following will not be considered as valid warranty claims;
      1. General wear and tear is not covered. This includes any snags or frayed stitching, holes created from wear, or the boots were not treated with a leather conditioner as indicated on the warranty registration card, and on the pamphlet attached to the boots – “Care and Maintenance Guideline.”
      2. If the boots have been modified any way, or used for any purpose other than what originally intended.
      3. Comfort is not covered; which includes use of a boot that is an inadequate or improper fit, and have been worn.
      4. Any damage caused to the boot due to accident or neglect of treatment.
      5. Is outside the allotted warranty time frame.
  5. Procedure
    1. As mentioned earlier, there is a registration card in each box of boots.
      1. If you have registered your boots with Garmont Tactical, please email warrantyUS@garmont.com, with pictures showing the issue with the boot(s), and a picture of the label on the tongue, along with style/size/color/width, if not listed on receipt, and customer name.  This is requested so that Garmont Tactical can track any issues, and report back to Garmont so the issue can be resolved.
      2. For end-users that have not registered their boots, or do not have a copy of their receipt, please contact the retailer where the boots were purchased. You will need to provide them with pictures of the boot(s), so that they are able to forward those on, along with the copy of your receipt (if requesting their help locating your receipt, please know that each dealer is only able to go back in their sales history so far, and sometimes not at all). If for some reason, the retailer is not able to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact warrantyUS@garmont.com. However, if the retailer is unable to assist because they cannot locate the receipt, under no circumstances will a warranty be approved without proof of purchase.
    2. It is our goal to have a decision within 24 hours for the dealer. However, since our office hours are M-F 8am – 4pm EST, we request you allow 7 to 10 working business days for any claim to be approved or denied, once all information has been received.
    3. Garmont Tactical will only ever ask for the dealer/customer to pay for shipping to us if, it’s a possible warranty that is not able to be determined by photo and requires additional inspection (i.e. the inner toe box falling apart). Once inspection is completed, if it has been determined that is a warranty, a credit for the shipping charges will be issued.